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Sion Power’s new pouch cell boasts 810 Wh/L energy density

Sion Power will introduce its new Licerion battery at the upcoming Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan. The 17 Ah Licerion-EV is a large-format pouch cell that boasts over 400 Wh/kg specific energy and 810 Wh/L energy density. The company has specifically designed Licerion-EV for next-generation EV applications, focusing on high energy density, increased cycle life, safety, and fast charging capability.

In independent testing, 6 Ah Licerion-EV cells reached over 800 cycles, and demonstrated fast charge capability (80% of charge in 15 minutes), excellent power capability, and safety.

“Our Licerion-EV technology has demonstrated a blend of energy, safety, and electrical performance,” said CEO Tracy Kelley. “We look forward to continued work with our partners to commercialize our revolutionary battery system.”

Source: Sion Power


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