Saft wins $6-million grant for stop-start battery development


Saft America has received a $6.13-million award from the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC), in collaboration with the DOE, to develop stop-start battery technology.

The 30-month contract, which includes a 50% cost-share by Saft, will focus on the development and delivery of lithium-ion 12-volt modules for stop-start battery applications. Saft has previously worked with USABC on stop-start battery tech, as well as lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles.

“Advancing the technology of vehicle batteries is not only important strategically for Saft, but for the energy security of the United States,” said Thomas Alcide, President of Saft America. “The commitment by the Department of Energy to support state-of the art energy storage technologies will help reduce the nation’s emissions and the dependence on imported fuel.”


Source: Saft America via Green Car Congress

  • Edward

    Can someone please explain this one to me? Didn’t Maxwell already do this and has it in the market now?

  • marcexec

    The tech is already there with 4s LiFePo4: Headway 38120HP & the A123 product range come to mind.
    Had a pack of 4 38120P (older model) in motorbikes for about 2 years, never let me down, even in freezing temperatures. Got stolen with the last bike it was in…