Researchers develop sodium-ion battery in 18650 format

Batterie sodium-ion18650

Jules Verne recognized the potential of sodium batteries in 1869 – they powered the futuristic submarine of Captain Nemo, who found their “electro-motor strength” to be twice that of zinc batteries.

Now scientists at the French research network RS2E have brought sodium batteries into the 21st century, producing the first sodium-ion battery in the industry-standard 18650 format (a cylindrical format used in consumer electronics and Tesla automobiles). Several other labs are also working on Na-ion batteries, but RS2E is the first to announce the development of an 18650 prototype.

Na-ion batteries could offer lower cost thanks to the abundance of sodium, and the prototype shows promising performance. The energy density of the new Na-ion cell is 90 Wh/kg, comparable with that of the first lithium-ion batteries. Its lifespan exceeds 2,000 charge/discharge cycles, and it is capable of charging and discharging rapidly.

The next step is to optimize and increase the reliability of the cell with a view to future commercialization.

“The first application, the most obvious, would be grid storage: storing renewable energy. We are talking about a market as big as the EV market,” said Jean-Marie Tarascon, a professor at the Collège de France and one of the heads of the RS2E network.


Source: RS2E, Green Car Congress

  • Bob Aceti

    “…Na-ion batteries could offer lower cost thanks to the abundance of sodium, and the prototype shows promising performance.”

    Please provide the range of “lower costs” of Na-Ion compared to Li-Ion in the 18650 format proposed; and indicate the comparable performance of both batteries.

    What is the timelines for production of Na-Ion batteries. Are the Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and Americans ‘on-board’ with this French-based R&D?

    Is anyone talking with TESLA about the possibility of a production agreement to diversify product risk at its NV battery plant?

    Interesting article but it raises a series of questions as to the probability of commercialization and warranty back-up. Some of us recall the Beta-VHS debate. Sometimes the best solution doesn’t win.

  • Robert Cattle

    Come on let’s have the depth of discharge for the 2000 cycles and its temperature profile
    Let’s have specific power etc.

    • Erwin Hermann

      What? You want actual performance statistics in a press release on the never ending ‘breakthrough battery discovery’? You should know better than to let facts ruin a good story.

  • Michael B

    Only a thousand times more abundant than Lithium? That would mean lithium is pretty abundant! But we knew that.

  • Robert Cattle

    After 40 years in the battery industry I love to see the miracles appear before reality shows up.
    My background was SAFT!
    Yes I realise that the battery industry is basically a packaging industry for electrochemistry but the applications are never thought through. The Li rechargeable was ideal for the bicycle and next the train where it’s large enough for monitors and control features to fit with charge style and discharge character and to hell with weight!
    Yes the car is now up and coming but we have yet to see long term life after rocky roads! Vibration!
    I love to look at Edison’s patents from time to time and see how certain electrodes were formed and realise that some modern academics are reinventing the wheel.
    I,m so old that I still love the nickel iron battery for its 40 plus year life in solar units and still iron air in vehicles where the refuel is simply a physical replacement 2 minutes recharge from an available metal.
    Old how getting old brings such fun!!

  • dogphlap dogphlap

    Well it is just a prototype cell, no need to get excited just yet. We can ask for proper specs. when the product is sorted and ready for sale. Still the video is worrying with its false claims about the availability and future availability of lithium and claiming state of the art performance when clearly that is untrue too for now but may be true with some more development, anyone’s guess really.