Fastned to deploy fast chargers with up to 350 kW in UK cities of Newcastle and Sunderland

Dutch charging provider Fastned has won a tender from the North East Combined Authority (NECA) and Newcastle University to deploy two fast charging stations in the city centers of Newcastle and Sunderland (where Nissan manufactures LEAFs for the UK market). Each “Go Ultra Low Filling Station” will house six DC fast chargers, two of which will offer charging levels of up to 350 kW.

Drivers will be able to add 125 miles of range in under ten minutes, while sheltered by Fastned’s distinctive solar photovoltaic canopies.

Fastned will collaborate with Newcastle University’s researchers to study the impact of EV charging on local electrical grids, and the potential roles for EVs and battery storage in the smart electrical grids of the future.


Source: Fastned

  • doctorpete

    I hope Newcastle University researchers will also study the effect of such super fast charging on battery life.

  • Rick Woodbury

    What connection will be used, and on what cars? That’s 2.8 times faster than a Tesla Supercharger. I’m all for it, but the CCS standard only goes to 400A. 400A is more than any connector that I’ve been able to find. If, like Tesla, the pack is 400V, then 400A is still only 160kW. How is that going to work? These are just questions. I’m excited to see faster charging.