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Faraday Institution launches industry-wide standard for physics-based battery modeling

The Faraday Institution recently introduced Battery Parameter eXchange (BPX), an open standard for physics-based lithium-ion battery models that defines three factors: battery parameters; the equations employing those parameters; and the reporting of experimental measurements used to validate the reported parameters.

The complexity of physics-based models and the lack of a common definition, says Faraday, has limited their use to specialist teams within large companies, each of which works with modeling schemes that are difficult to compare with those of other companies.

BPX is intended to reduce costs and time to market, and to stimulate innovation through a common definition of physics-based battery models that can be used widely across industry. “Its introduction,” said Faraday CEO Pam Thomas, “will speed up design and development cycles and reduce the need for expensive physical prototyping.”

Source: Faraday


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