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Effenco offers its heavy-duty EV powertrain at the same purchase price as diesel alternatives

Effenco, a designer of electric propulsion systems for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, says its new electric solution is available at the same purchase price as diesel alternatives.

Effenco’s powertrain uses ultracapacitors to optimize the battery load and increase efficiency. The company says its ultracapacitors also enable much faster charging than competing systems, and it’s equipped with a wireless charging system.

Effenco’s modular system is designed to be easily installed on existing fleets of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, including refuse trucks, dump trucks, terminal tractors, buses and agricultural machinery, as well as on new vehicles, without sacrificing loading capacity.

Montreal-based Effenco was founded in 2006, and now operates in ten countries. Its technologies are in use in more than 400 trucks, which have logged over 3 million miles.

“With over fifteen years in the sector, our team has been able to develop innovative solutions that will make a real difference to fight climate change,” said co-founder and President David Arsenault. “By making it possible to have a 100% electric fleet for the same price as a traditional diesel fleet, our team has overcome the biggest obstacle to electrification.”

Source: Effenco


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