DOE awards Eaton $5 million to develop turnkey fast charging system

The DOE has awarded power management company Eaton $4.9 million for a program to reduce the cost and complexity of deploying DC fast-charging infrastructure.

Under the three-year program, Eaton will develop and demonstrate a compact turnkey fast-charging solution that is anticipated to reduce costs by 65% through improvements in power conversion and grid interconnection technology, charger integration and modularity, and installation time.

The grant represents one of several EV- and alternative fuel-related projects that DOE has funded for fiscal year 2021.

Eaton and its project partners aim to accelerate fleet electrification by providing a compact, cost-efficient and fully integrated solution that is factory-optimized for local grid interconnection and immediate use. Eaton will develop a new solid-state transformer design and modular chargers packaged on a compact skid in order to expedite installation, reduce required equipment and minimize deployment cost and footprint.

Eaton’s solid-state transformer technology will enable direct connection to the utility medium-voltage distribution system, eliminating the need for additional power conversion devices. The system also includes integrated energy management and charge control software to help avoid peak energy costs by accurately forecasting and managing electrical demand.

Sources: DOE, Green Car Congress

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