BRUSA to commercialize WiTricity’s wireless charging system

BRUSA Inductive Charging System

Massachusetts-based MIT spinout WiTricity has announced a licensing agreement with BRUSA Elektronik AG, a global supplier of EV power electronics. BRUSA will license WiTricity’s IP to commercialize wireless charging systems.

BRUSA’s ICS wireless charging system, using WiTricity’s technology, uses a charging pad on the ground to transfer power to a vehicle using magnetic resonance. The two companies are working with international standards organizations to develop global standards for wireless charging systems.

“During the past year, several leading European and Japanese carmakers have publicly announced plans to introduce wireless charging for next-generation electrified vehicles,” said WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen. “BRUSA is well positioned to be a Tier 1 supplier to these carmakers.”


Source: BRUSA via  Green Car Congress

  • Sunspeed Enterprises

    For those of us who occasionally forget to plug in the car at the end of the day, this is good news 🙂 There is serious potential in this technology and I hope it gets a chance.