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Mazda and partners to develop lithium-ion starter batteries

Mazda has agreed to partner with ELIIY Power and Ube Industries to jointly develop 12-volt lithium-ion starter batteries by 2021. Lithium-ion batteries offer a promising alternative to conventional lead-acid car batteries, because of their lower weight, and because of environmental regulations in some regions that restrict the use of lead. However, their application as starter… Read more »

Ube Industries and Mitsubishi Chemical form electrolyte JV in China

Ube Industries and Mitsubishi Chemical have agreed to form a joint venture to supply electrolyte to the Chinese market. The JV will enable the two companies to combine their production technologies and to use their technology resources, including intellectual property, to enhance cost competitiveness. Ube Industries manufactures Purelyte electrolyte at a factory in Japan and… Read more »

Ube Industries to expand production capacity for battery separators

Ube Industries plans to expand production capacity for its UPORE polyolefin multiparous film for lithium-ion battery separators, in order to meet growing demand for automotive batteries. The expansion project is expected to be completed in April 2018, and will bring the company’s annual production capacity for separators to 250 million square meters. The company plans… Read more »