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EvoCharge’s new concealed pedestals for EV charging stations

EvoCharge, a provider of EVSE and cable management solutions, has launched a new addition to its family of accessories for charging station mounting and cable management. The EvoCharge Concealed Pedestal can be used for mounting EV chargers in public spaces, parking areas and other locations. A concealed raceway keeps wiring safely enclosed within the pedestal…. Read more »

EvoCharge chargers to incorporate AmpUp’s charging management software

EvoCharge, a supplier of EVSE and cable management solutions, has formed a preferred network partnership with software provider AmpUp. AmpUp’s software is designed to allow EV owners to manage their charging infrastructure to simplify charging schedules and optimize energy consumption. AmpUp’s products are used by several Fortune 500 companies. EvoCharge and AmpUp’s preconfigured charging stations… Read more »

EvoCharge to sell its EV chargers through Uni-Select Canada

EvoCharge, a provider of EVSE and cable management solutions, has entered into a resale agreement with Uni-Select Canada to sell its Level 2 charging equipment. Uni-Select distributes products to over 16,000 automotive repair shops, 1,000 independent customer locations and 80 company-operated stores. “We have a long-standing relationship with Uni-Select, and extending it to include EvoCharge… Read more »

JB Tools to sell EvoCharge EV chargers

EvoCharge, a provider of EVSE and cable management solutions, has entered into an agreement with online tool retailer JB Tools to provide Level 2 residential and commercial EV charging equipment through JB’s online store. JB Tools carries the full suite of EvoCharge electric vehicle charging solutions, including single- and dual-port chargers, wall-mount and pedestal chargers,… Read more »

EvoCharge’s New iEVSE Home Charging Station

Charger manufacturer EvoCharge’s new iEVSE Home Charging Station is a Level 2 charger that features various smart charging capabilities. Users can schedule charge times, track history and usage, and manage multiple charging stations through the EvoCharge iEVSE Home Charging app (Android and iOS). The iEVSE Home Charging Station features a compact design that is “smaller… Read more »

EvoCharge and Chargie announce preferred network partnership

EvoCharge, a provider of EVSE and cable management solutions, has entered into a preferred network partnership with charging platform provider Chargie and its affiliate PCS Energy to provide a complete EV charging service to property owners. The service will provide EvoCharge’s charging equipment, Chargie’s networked software and PCS Energy’s installation and maintenance services to property… Read more »

How to improve your property with EV charging stations

Sponsored by EVOCHARGE The demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations is growing rapidly. In addition to being convenient and sustainable, adding charging stations to your multi-unit residential, office or public building provides competitive advantages.  EV charging stations:  Attract and retain high-income renters and top employees  Improve employee, customer and visitor satisfaction  Generate income from… Read more »

Utilities add EVoCharge to list of approved smart chargers

California’s Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) and Long Island’s Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) have added EVoCharge to their list of approved Level 2 smart charger manufacturers, making the company’s line of chargers eligible for customer rebates. EVoCharge Level 2 chargers are available as wall or pedestal mounts and in single- or dual-port configurations…. Read more »

Phillips & Temro acquires EVoCharge

Phillips & Temro Industries, a US-based company that manufactures heating and cooling systems for trucks, EVs, and other vehicles, has acquired a majority stake in EVoCharge, a manufacturer of charging equipment and the EVoReel cable management system. EVoCharge CEO Josh Kiewic said, “Consumers and fleets evaluating new electric and hybrid technologies will have the benefit… Read more »

EVoReel cable management system allows safe and convenient charging

Auto dealers and service technicians need quick and easy access to EV charging cables. EVoCharge’s new EVoReel cable management system offers a 50-foot retractable cable for Level 2 charging stations that’s designed to keep cables off the ground and reduce tripping hazards. EVoReel can be installed overhead in the rafters of a service bay, similar… Read more »