EvoCharge’s New iEVSE Home Charging Station

Charger manufacturer EvoCharge’s new iEVSE Home Charging Station is a Level 2 charger that features various smart charging capabilities. Users can schedule charge times, track history and usage, and manage multiple charging stations through the EvoCharge iEVSE Home Charging app (Android and iOS).

The iEVSE Home Charging Station features a compact design that is “smaller than a standard sheet of letter-size paper.” It is NEMA 4-rated for indoor and outdoor use in temperatures ranging from -22° to 122° F. It comes standard with a cable holster and is compatible with other EvoCharge cable management solutions, including the EvoReel retractable cable system. The charger is rated for use with a dedicated 40 A supply circuit (208-240 VAC), and can be adjusted to operate with 32 A or 20 A circuits.

The iEVSE Home Charging Station is available for direct purchase from the company’s new online store and from other retail sites. Financing options are available.

“Since 80 percent of EV charging is done at home, we evolved our home charging solution to be smarter,” said Manish Virmani, VP of Sales and Marketing for EvoCharge. “More and more utility companies are offering EV drivers incentives to schedule their charging for off-peak hours, which can be very late at night. The convenience of plugging in your vehicles when you arrive home and then managing charge start/stop times through an easy-to-use yet feature-rich app brings intelligence and even more economy to residential charging.”

Source: EvoCharge


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