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Samsung SDI announces plan to mass-produce solid-state batteries 

EV battery manufacturing company Samsung SDI has announced a suite of battery technologies, including fast charging and ultra-long life batteries, as well as its roadmap for mass production of all-solid-state batteries (ASBs).

Samsung SDI plans to mass-produce 900 Wh/L solid-state batteries using its solid electrolyte and anode-less technologies, the latter of which enables higher cathode capacity. The design’s energy density is 40% higher than P5, Samsung SDI’s prismatic battery in production. 

Samsung SDI has also unveiled its ultra-fast charging technology, which can reach 80% charge from 8% in 9 minutes by optimizing lithium-ion transfer path and enabling low resistance. The company aims to develop the technology to mass production by 2026. Samsung SDI also plans to create and mass-produce a battery that has a 20-year lifespan by 2029; cell-to-pack (CTP) technology for prismatic cells, which reduces the number of components by more than 35% and the weight by 20%; and its “no thermal propagation” technology, a safety feature that prevents propagation of thermal runaway in the event of a fire or impact. 

“Our preparations for mass-producing next-generation products of various form factors such as an all-solid-state battery are well underway,” said Yoon-ho Choi, President of Samsung SDI.

Source: Samsung SDI


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