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dSPACE launches modular BMS test system

Simulation and validation technology firm dSPACE is launching a modular test system composed of its cell voltage emulation board, SCALEXIO products and ASM Electric Components software. The system is designed to test the battery management systems (BMS) of EVs and power grids. The cell voltage emulation board can simulate a cell voltage as low as… Read more »

Breakthrough technologies in capacitor solutions for power electronics in EVs

Power capacitor technologies affect every vehicle and charger in the electromobility industry. Join this session at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, presented by TDK Electronics, where we will discuss the latest breakthrough technologies in film, aluminum and ceramic capacitors solutions and show real-world case studies for power capacitor use in on- and off-board… Read more »

dSPACE charging station emulation solution accelerates EV development

dSPACE has introduced its Smart Charging Station Emulator, which emulates charging stations with a power level of up to 85 kW. This enables EV and battery manufacturers to test their new products with different technical charging standards and protocols, simulate a large number of faults, and develop them in line with the requirements of international… Read more »

dSPACE offers a complete solution for developing and testing new charging tech

The dSPACE DS5366 Smart Charging Solution offers auto manufacturers and providers of charging stations a complete solution for developing and testing technologies for smart charging. The solution adheres to international standards, guarantees interoperability, and supports developers of on-board chargers, charging columns, and, in the future, inductive charging systems, by offering a range of test options… Read more »