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dSPACE launches modular BMS test system

Simulation and validation technology firm dSPACE is launching a modular test system composed of its cell voltage emulation board, SCALEXIO products and ASM Electric Components software.

The system is designed to test the battery management systems (BMS) of EVs and power grids. The cell voltage emulation board can simulate a cell voltage as low as 300 µV and as high as 1,500 V. The company says the board’s safety compartment makes it easy to wire the cell channels, shortens the wires to the test system and eases calibration to the individual cells. The board is also able to simulate different cell balancing scenarios by supporting peak currents up to 20 A per channel, and to simulate short circuits, cable breaks and defective battery cells.

Through IOCNET, the emulation board can integrate with the company’s SCALEXIO product line, which are high-performance processors designed for calculating simulation models. The company says the integration of these components supplies fast updates on cell voltages.

The board can be integrated with the company’s ASM Electric Components software, which supplies a library of battery models. According to dSPACE, the system’s modularity also ensures that it is scalable and flexible.

“With the new cell voltage emulation board and the scalable system concept, we present a powerful solution for testing BMS systems at the high-voltage level that satisfies even the most demanding test requirements,” said dSPACE Product Manager for Electromobility and Electric Drives Stefan Walter. “Our customers will be able to effectively validate and optimize their BMS, thereby benefiting from shorter time to market.”

Source: dSPACE


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