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Luxembourg buys 5 Volvo plug-in hybrid buses, ABB chargers

The city-state of Luxembourg became the latest metro area to plug in its public transit, as local bus operator AVL ordered 5 plug-in hybrid buses from Volvo. Electronics giant ABB will supply the charging equipment. Luxembourg City already has 14 Volvo 7900 Hybrid buses, which went into service in 2011. The new Volvo 7900 Electric… Read more »

ABB’s Azipod electrical marine propulsion system celebrates 25th anniversary

As vehicles steadily electrify on land, air and sea, some may be surprised to learn of a form of electric propulsion that has been mainstream in the maritime industry for a quarter of a century. The Azipod electrical propulsion system, made by electronics giant ABB, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The Azipod system… Read more »

Which companies are the top DC Fast Charger manufacturers?

DC Fast Charging addresses the EV’s greatest drawback, allowing drivers to conveniently add range and making long road trips possible. That’s why fast chargers are popping up like mushrooms along major highways around the world, and the market’s rapid growth is bound to continue. But which manufacturers are supplying most of the hardware? Plugshare’s popular… Read more »

European electric bus manufacturers agree on open charging interface

As more European cities begin trials of battery-electric buses, a group of bus manufacturers and charging infrastructure providers has agreed to develop voluntary charging standards in advance of official regulations. The objective is to ensure reliability and compatibility across bus brands and charging systems. The European body CEN-CENELEC and the international standards organization ISO/IEC are… Read more »

Volvo sells 11 plug-in buses to Belgian city

Volvo has won an order for 11 plug-in hybrid buses from the city of Namur in Belgium, the largest order to date for the company’s electrified buses. The buses will run on electric power within the city’s new zero-emissions zone. Public transport authority TEC, which transports more than 250 million passengers per year, is also… Read more »

German carmakers to collaborate on development of DC fast charging up to 350 kW

If, as the media are firmly convinced, the German automakers’ EV strategies revolve around competing with Tesla, they will have to come up with an answer to the ascendant Supercharger network. The Europeans recently took a step in this direction with the formation of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN). Audi, BMW, Daimler, Opel, Porsche and… Read more »

ABB adds credit card option to its DC fast charger

Electronics giant ABB has announced a credit card payment option that can be added to new or existing Terra 53 DC fast charging stations. In addition to RFID-enabled membership cards and PIN code authorization methods, drivers can now simply use a major credit card to pay for charging when roaming outside their local region. The… Read more »

ABB charging stations to feature Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based platform

Like a lot of other things, charging stations are turning into mini-computers that need software to reach their potential. To this end, two heavy hitters in their respective industries, ABB and Microsoft, have announced a partnership. All ABB chargers will now be connected to Microsoft’s Azure suite of cloud-based services, which provides several “value-adding services.”… Read more »

ABB introduces automated fast charging system for city buses

Battery-electric buses are operating on a trial basis in dozens of cities around the world, but some planners are still concerned about the constraints common to all pure EVs: short driving ranges and long charging times. Electronics giant ABB has introduced an automated fast charging system that aims to relegate these problems to the past…. Read more »

Why did Kia decide to use CHAdeMO DC Fast Charging on the new Kia Soul EV?

DC Fast Charging is increasingly seen as a “must have” feature for an EV. Japanese automakers are committed to the CHAdeMO standard, while their US and European colleagues are equally locked into the competing CCS standard. However, as a Korean company, Kia was free to choose whichever system it thought best for its new Soul… Read more »