ABB E-mobility invests in Switch to create a more integrated approach to EV charger operation

ABB E-mobility has made an investment in London-based startup Switch EV, describing the move as “the start of a collaboration to advance a seamless EV charging ecosystem.”

Noting that “the global charger network remains fragmented, with a different charging experience from location to location, and operator to operator,” ABB sees the need for “a more integrated approach to EV charger operation and management.”

ABB and Switch mean to develop “an integrated digital solution, which extends across the full value chain, from the vehicle [to] the EV charger to the grid.”

The Switch system is designed to offer “deep insights into the complete charging process from start to finish,” based on the protocol-based conversations between EV and charger and between charger and backend, including grid integration for smart charging and V2G applications.

The Switch system is based on open communication protocols such as ISO 15118-2/-20 and OCPP 2.0.1. It includes an embedded charger operating system (Josev) and a cloud-based charger management platform (Switch platform) built entirely on these standards.

“The integrated Switch system, combined with our smart and connected charging solutions, has exceptional potential to fix and restructure the EV charging ecosystem,” said Daniel Alarcon-Rubio, Chief Digital Officer at ABB E-mobility. He foresees “a vertically integrated EV charging solution,” and notes that Switch is “trailblazing the field with their sophisticated software offering built on forward-looking protocols.”

Marc Mültin, CEO and founder of Switch, adds: “Both ABB E-mobility and Switch are dedicated to levelling the barriers that are fragmenting the EV charging space. This helps to really boost customer convenience, and to maximize charging network utilization and the ticket size of business models.”

Source: ABB E-mobility


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