ABB e-mobility earns CTEP and NTEP certifications for DC fast chargers

In much of the US, public EV chargers will soon be required to display the amount of electricity dispensed and the amount charged. This mirrors regulations that have long applied to gas pumps, and is intended to assure drivers that they’re being accurately charged for the electricity they buy.

These regulations are already in force in California, and they will apply in most other states on January 1, 2025.

The new regulations are detailed in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44 (HB 44). EVSE manufacturers can submit their products to two separate laboratory testing programs, the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) and the California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP), to certify that they meet the requirements of HB 44.

ABB e-mobility, which has long been an early mover in the EVSE space, has now announced that it has earned both NTEP and CTEP certifications for its DC fast chargers. These certifications mean that the chargers have been witness-tested in approved laboratory conditions for compliance with HB 44, which requires paid public chargers to show the amount of electricity dispensed, the unit price, and the total price.

These certifications cover ABB’s Terra 124 and Terra 184 chargers, which are designed for public charging operations for light-duty EVs in the US. The Terra 184 also complies with NEVI standards, which require 97% uptime.

ABB has also obtained CTEP certification for the Terra AC Wallbox in its 40 A and 80 A configurations, which are designed for commercial and fleet applications.

To help other charging industry players navigate the alphabet soup, ABB e-mobility has published A guide to US metering requirements. This handy guide, part of ABB e-mobility’s NEVI Toolkit, clarifies which chargers are subject to the new requirements and which are not, and explains how to comply.

“Meeting market needs and providing a transparent and positive customer experience are integral to a growing e-mobility industry,” said Asaf Nagler, VP of External Affairs for ABB e-mobility in North America. “Earning these important certifications underscores our commitment to highly reliable and trustworthy charging infrastructure which serves all EV drivers.”

Source: ABB

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