Workhorse C-Series electric delivery trucks earn EPA Certificate of Conformity

Electric truck maker Workhorse Group (NASDAQ: WKHS) has been around for a while—Charged wrote about the company’s plug-in pickup back in 2017—and it continues to make steady progress. Now the company has announced that its new C-Series electric delivery trucks have each received an EPA Certificate of Conformity, confirming that the new vehicles conform to all EPA regulations and emission standards.

“Receiving the EPA’s Certificate of Conformity for our C-Series electric last-mile delivery trucks is a major accomplishment in the C-Series production process,” said Workhorse CEO Duane Hughes. “This certification allows our vehicles to be sold, delivered and operated on US roads.”

Workhorse’s C-Series has also completed proving ground tests to provide data for final calibration of its ABS functionality.

Workhorse C-Series vehicles are powered by a modular battery pack system, which allows customers to choose the right energy requirement for specific duty cycles. Available capacities range from 35 kWh (equipped with two battery packs) to 105 kWh (in the largest, six-pack configuration). Range is expected to be between 100 and 150 miles, and fuel economy is estimated at 53 MPGe.

Workhorse’s new C-Series electric Step Van will be on display at the upcoming NTEA Work Truck Show.

Source: Workhorse