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Webinar: Charging software for high-performance EVs

What if we told you the secret ingredient behind creating a high-performing and fully connected EV is your battery charger?

Many vehicle manufacturers are concerned about whether EVs can outperform its diesel or petrol-powered counterparts with existing battery technology. This concern is debunked for many mid-powered EVs in industries such as construction, material handling, agriculture and light electric vehicles.

Tune into this webinar where Conway Hui, Delta-Q’s Director of Sales Application Engineering and Customer Support, discusses three ways charger software can connect with the electric drive system, and how customizable charger software can:

  • Create a fully integrated electric drive system, which prolongs battery life and maximizes EV performance
  • Help vehicle manufacturers predict vehicle issues and perform diagnostics to prevent premature battery failure
  • Improve overall EV safety

Delta-Q Technologies is a leading battery charger manufacturer of electric drive equipment and industrial machines. The company provides OEMs with a highly integrated software service and works with their engineers to fit the charger into their communications and software systems.

The webinar, hosted by Charged on December 15, 2020, at 2 PM EST, will include a live Q&A session.

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