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Rogers introduces new materials for high-power circuits

Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) has introduced curamik ADVANTAGE, a family of features and process enhancements for its curamik ceramic circuit substrate materials.

curamik ADVANTAGE materials are designed to enable circuit designers to optimize the performance of high-power circuits through an assortment of services and processes, including several plating options for improved copper surface finish, two different treatments for minimizing PCB surface roughness, selective etching and precise laser drilling of small-diameter through holes.

The curamik line of circuit materials offers a range of thermal conductivities from 24 to 170 W/m-K. The materials are formulated to effectively disperse heat in power electronics circuits with heat-generating, high-power active devices, such as IGBTs and MOSFETs.

curamik ADVANTAGE includes a number of plating options, including nickel, nickel-gold and silver plating. A feature that the company is especially proud of is optimization for silver sintering, an alternative to conventional soldering for interconnections and device attachments. The silver sintering process forms strong bonds by applying heat to a paste containing miniature silver particles. Silver exhibits excellent thermal conductivity (240 W/m-K) and by controlling the size of the silver particles in the paste, silver sintering can provide strong bonds with different grades of thermal performance.


Source: Rogers Corporation


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