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Infinitum Electric raises $80 million in funding for its air-core PCB-based motors

Infinitum Electric, creator of an innovative air-core motor, has secured $80 million in a Series D funding round led by Riverstone Holdings, bringing the company’s total funding to $135 million. Infinitum will use the new funds to scale up production—it plans to vertically integrate and automate production of its motors for the commercial and industrial market segments, and to complete development and commercialization of a traction motor for the EV market.

Since the launch of its IEs series of motor systems in 2020, Infinitum has secured customer agreements for more than $900 million in potential orders. The company’s patented air-core motor design replaces the heavy iron used in traditional motors with a lightweight printed circuit board. The company says its novel design delivers the same power as conventional motors, at half the size and weight and with a fraction of the noise.

Infinitum’s fully integrated system includes a motor, variable frequency drive (VFD) and embedded Internet of Things support in a single compact package.

“As industrial equipment, cars, aircraft and buildings are rapidly electrifying, our revolutionary motor systems offer a path forward to reduce electricity demand and carbon footprint,” said Ben Schuler, Infinitum founder and CEO. “Partnering with Riverstone Holdings and our other investors puts us in a strong position to scale production, deliver product and impact how the world sustainably consumes and generates power for the next generation.”

Source: Infinitum Electric


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