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Furrer+Frey proposes tractor swapping for long-haul trucks

While short-haul applications such as local delivery trucks, port drayage trucks and city buses are perfect candidates for electrification, long-haul trucking will likely prove more of a challenge, because of battery-electric vehicles’ limited range. Now Furrer+Frey, a Swiss firm that provides a wide range of rail transport products and services, has proposed a simple, low-tech… Read more »

Opbrid Trukbaar brings overhead DC fast charging to electric trucks

Furrer+Frey and Opbrid have developed the Opbrid Bůsbaar, an overhead high-power charging system for heavy-duty vehicles, which is now being used to charge the Volvo Electric Hybrid bus in a couple of pilot projects in Sweden. Their new product, the Opbrid Trůkbaar V3, brings automatic fast charging to electric trucks. City buses are natural candidates… Read more »