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Australia awards $27 million to five companies to deploy 403 fast charging stations

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has awarded a total of $26.8 million to five public charging providers to fund the deployment of 403 new fast charging stations, each with dual-vehicle capability and 50 kW or more of power. Gas retailer and oil refiner Ampol will receive $7.05 million in funding, and plans to install fast… Read more »

Australia grants $15 million for first phase of highway EV charging network

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has granted $15 million to Evie Networks to develop the largest ultra-fast EV charging network on Australian highways, helping to support the first phase of a planned $50.2-million intercity highway charging network. Forty-two charging sites powered by renewable energy will be installed at service centers connecting Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra,… Read more »