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Canadian study: Government initiative needed to boost EV use

A team of researchers from Canada’s Simon Fraser University have published a report that paints a pessimistic picture of EV adoption in the Great White North, at least in the short term. “Electric vehicles are not likely to make up more than one percent of vehicle sales in the next decade and no more than… Read more »

Canada bans shipments of lithium metal batteries on passenger flights

The Canadian Transport Ministry has officially banned the transport of lithium metal batteries as cargo on passenger flights, bringing its regulations into line with a ban adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization in 2014 (the US has already instituted a ban). The new rule does not apply to lithium-ion batteries, or to lithium metal… Read more »

Tritium Veefil Fast Charger earns UL compliance for sale in US and Canada

The Veefil Fast Charger, designed and manufactured in Australia by Brisbane-based Tritium, has already won a design award for its striking appearance. This week, on a more practical note, it earned a certificate of UL compliance for the US and Canada. Already compliant for operation in Europe and Australia, the Veefil can now be sold… Read more »

Canada invests $30 million to research new automotive technologies

The Government of Canada has awarded $30 million ($29 million US) to 10 university-industry partnerships to research new automotive technologies. Industry and other partners have committed an additional $22 million to the projects, which were selected through the Automotive Partnership Canada (APC) initiative. The largest of these awards is $8.9 million to a partnership between… Read more »