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Wolfspeed’s new 1,000 V silicon carbide MOSFET reduces cost and size, improves efficiency


Wolfspeed, a specialist in silicon carbide (SiC) power products, has introduced a 1,000 V MOSFET that’s designed to reduce overall system cost, while improving efficiency and decreasing size. Wolfspeed says the new MOSFET, which is optimized for fast charging and industrial power supplies, enables a 30 percent reduction in component count, a 3x increase in power density, and a 33 percent increase in output power.

“Supporting the widespread implementation of off-board charging stations, Wolfspeed’s technology enables smaller, more efficient charging systems that provide higher power charging at lower overall cost,” said John Palmour, CTO of Wolfspeed. “This market requires high efficiency and wide output voltage range to address the various electric vehicle battery voltages being introduced by automotive suppliers.”

“Wolfspeed’s new 1,000 V SiC MOSFET offers system designers ultra-fast switching speeds with a fraction of a silicon MOSFET’s switching losses,” Palmour added. “The figure-of-merit delivered by this device is beyond the reach of any competing silicon-based MOSFET.”

According to Wolfspeed, designers can reduce component count by moving from silicon-based, three-level topologies to simpler two-level topologies made possible by the 1,000 Vds rating of the SiC MOSFET. The increase in output power in a reduced footprint is realized by the low output capacitance – as low as 60 pF – which significantly lowers switching losses.

Wolfspeed offers a 20 kW full-bridge resonant LLC converter reference design, which allows designers to evaluate the new 1,000 V SiC MOSFET.


Source: Wolfspeed


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