South Korea to officially adopt CCS fast charging standard

The war is winding down. After years of conflict between the CHAdeMO and CCS DC fast charging standards, it’s beginning to look as if CCS is destined to be the ultimate victor, at least outside of Japan. Business Korea (via Green Car Reports) reports that the South Korean Agency for Technology and Standards plans to revise the country’s charging standard to recommend the use of the Combined Charging System (CCS) for future EVs.

CCS is used by all American automakers except Tesla, and by most of the Europeans. CHAdeMO is the standard of the Japanese automakers and, until recently, was used by the Koreans as well. The first Korean automaker to switch sides was Hyundai, which chose CCS for its 2018 Ioniq Electric.

CCS seems to be catching on quickly in Korea – according to the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers, 67 percent of Korean EVs used the CCS standard in 2017. In North America, CHAdeMO is used only by the Nissan LEAF and the Kia Soul EV compliance car.

At the same time, the conflict has lost some of its relevance – most of the DC fast chargers being installed today support both standards.


Source: Business Korea via Green Car Reports


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