Protean Electric and LM Industries partner to develop self-driving EVs

In-wheel electric drive specialist Protean Electric has formed a strategic partnership with LM Industries, the creator of the Olli self-driving electric shuttle.

The two companies’ partnership will initially focus on providing the eDrive system for Olli, then expand into developing new technologies to accelerate future autonomous and transportation-as-a-service (TaaS) vehicle production.

“Open platforms are a critical piece of LM Industries’ strategic vision, allowing us the flexibility to work with innovative companies like Protean Electric and quickly integrate new technologies that let us make great product,” said John B. Rogers Jr, CEO and co-founder of LM Industries. “Protean Electric’s eDrive technology with in-wheel motors and integrated power electronics makes powertrain components obsolete and vehicle digitization easier.”

“LM Industries brings the latest technological and safety advancements to mobility products,” says KY Chan, CEO of Protean Electric. “Their core skill is rapid product development and commercialization. We fundamentally believe our in-wheel motor technology is a key enabler to self-driving passenger vehicles.”


Source: Protean Electric

  • EVman

    being the guru in this industry and with the most successful builds, I wouldn’t recommend this type of technology at this time.
    It is good for a golf cart type with no bumps or holes in the roads in a perfect very small EV application. Also when you have a flat motor like this or like a YASA then you lose a tremendous amount of continuous power or torque.
    There is a lot of new talent and companies coming out within the next 6 months that will shock the industry. This one isn’t what you are looking for even though it is a very good idea.