OVO launches domestic vehicle-to-grid-capable charging station

UK utility OVO has unveiled a range of products intended to form an intelligent distributed domestic energy system, including a vehicle-to-grid-capable charging station.

The OVO Vehicle-to-Grid Charger uses a smart-charging platform called VCharge to manage charging, allowing drivers to take advantage of cheaper and/or renewable electricity, and to sell surplus energy from their EV batteries to electrical grid operators at times of peak demand.

“Renewable energy and electric vehicles are perfect partners for the 21st century,” said OVO CEO and founder Stephen Fitzpatrick. “Today we’re launching the world’s first widely available vehicle-to-grid charger, helping to solve one of the biggest challenges facing the energy sector. We’re enabling thousands of EV batteries to help balance the grid in times of peak demand, more renewable energy to come onto the system, and households to reduce their electricity bills.”


Source: OVO Group

  • Lance Pickup

    The article doesn’t mention it, and the web site is not much more helpful, but reading between the lines, it looks like this is some kind of CHAdeMO unit.

  • brenno

    Looks like your right lance. Right now to my knowledge only DC charging systems are capable of bi-directional charging. In the pictures on their website look like they are using a CHAdeMO plug. I wonder how many households can install and set up a DC Charging station. Really hope this technology improves and becomes more widespread