Groupe PSA and Nidec form JV for automotive traction motors

Groupe PSA, owner of the Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall brands, and Nidec Leroy-Somer, a French manufacturer of small precision motors, plan to form a joint venture to develop a range of traction motors for electrified vehicles. The 50/50 JV will receive an initial investment of €220 million ($262 million).

The main components of the electric powertrain will be designed and produced in France. The JV will supply traction motors to Groupe PSA’s vehicles, and possibly to other OEMs as well.

Groupe PSA expects the market for automotive electric motors to double to $53.5 billion by 2030.


Source: Nidec

  • Roger J. Zamofing

    I wish PSA all the best but again this sounds a little like reinventing the wheel after the more or less failed process of developing the 3008HYbrid4 some years ago, where BOSCH had to help finally to get the vehicle on the road. PSA had no good luck with electric so far and missed a few chances for really breath taking products (not only for the mass markets). Sorry girls and guys but stop dreaming and build what your young and talented designers already made years ago. Today they must be around my age or somewhat nearer to the “maison de repos”…

  • Mario Maggi

    Automotive motors shall be 5-phase motors in the future, for better performances. It don’t matters if they are asyncronous or IPM or brushless type, axial-flux or radial-flux architecture, 5-phase is always better.