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ZeroTruck: Electric fleet vehicles offer compelling cost savings

Medium-duty trucks make perfect candidates for electrification, and the market would seem to be full of opportunities for small companies that build powertrains and components. It’s treacherous territory, however – several startups targeting this space have foundered. ZeroTruck founder Tedd Abramson told Charged about his company’s strategy to hang on for the long haul. Abramson… Read more »

ZeroTruck builds electric medium-duty trucks under California Energy Commission Grant

ZeroTruck has announced that it is finalizing assembly of several fully electric medium-duty trucks built under a California Energy Commission Grant. ZeroTruck’s proprietary Electric Drive Integration System (EDIS) converts class 3-5 trucks to run on electric power. Based on the popular medium-duty Isuzu truck, ZeroTruck has a highway speed of 70 mph, and up to… Read more »