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AC Fast Charging: The right fit for medium-duty EVs

What’s the largest mass transit system in the United States? Is it the public transit network? Nope. Commercial airlines? Guess again. Passenger rail? Not even close. Here’s a hint: the vehicles are colored yellow. Give up? It’s school buses, and in terms of sheer numbers this fleet is 2.5 times larger than all other forms… Read more »

WattZilla’s drop-in replacement for obsolete PEP 1500 charging stations

LiquidSky Technologies has introduced a drop-in replacement solution for those with existing PEP 1500 charging stations. A simple adapter allows you to re-use the PEP 1500’s concrete bollard and mount a WattZilla Uno or Duo on top. The product is shipping now. “PEP Stations was an early manufacturer of EVSE,” WattZilla’s Frank Gangi explained to… Read more »

WattZilla announces single- and three-phase EVSE for the European market

EVSE manufacturer WattZilla has launched a new line of IEC-compatible charging stations for the European market. The new line includes single, dual and quad models, each of which is available in two versions, to be used with either single-phase or three-phase power. All versions can deliver 63 amps of power, feature a 25-foot cable and… Read more »

WattZilla chargers earn Energy Star certification

EVSE manufacturer WattZilla has received Energy Star certification for its WattZilla Uno, WattZilla Duo, QuadZilla, Wall Wattz and WaltZilla home and commercial charging stations – a distinction that only a handful of the hundreds of charger models on the market have earned. Energy Star-certified chargers reduce energy waste in the modes of operation when the… Read more »

WattZilla’s launches new EVSE trade-in program as it’s Black Mamba and Wall Wattz receive safety certification

Black Mamba The last time Charged spoke with WattZilla’s Frank Gangi, he teased the company’s Black Mamba as “a lightweight EV charging cord that looks like a snake that ate a rat.” Don’t be put off by the namesake – as Gangi tells it, the Black Mamba is a carefully designed, lightweight charger that packs… Read more »

WattZilla designs its high-power charging stations to be the first and last EVSE you buy

One size serves all. When interviewing the founders of technology startups, we often hear a common narrative as they recount the inception of the company. They go shopping for a product, find the available options lacking and then ask themselves, “Why doesn’t a better solution exist?” That’s Frank Gangi’s story. He bought a Tesla Model… Read more »

The Electric Vehicle Charging Association, a new trade group for the charging industry

Several prominent firms in the EV charging industry have formed the Electric Vehicle Charging Association (EVCA), a non-profit trade association created to encourage continued innovation in the field, advocate for pro-EV policies, and serve as a resource for information and expertise. The founding members of EVCA are ABM, ChargePoint, Clean Fuel Connection, Envision Solar, EV… Read more »

Liquid Sky’s new WattZilla charging stations

Liquid Sky Technologies’ new 80-Amp WattZilla Level 2 charging stations have passed UL certification testing. WattZilla, which is based on the OpenEVSE platform, is designed for commercial installations that require high-current chargers. Both the Uno (single-vehicle) and Duo (two-vehicle) versions can be wall- or pole-mounted in interior or exterior locations. The company is now working… Read more »