WattZilla’s drop-in replacement for obsolete PEP 1500 charging stations

LiquidSky Technologies has introduced a drop-in replacement solution for those with existing PEP 1500 charging stations. A simple adapter allows you to re-use the PEP 1500’s concrete bollard and mount a WattZilla Uno or Duo on top. The product is shipping now.

“PEP Stations was an early manufacturer of EVSE,” WattZilla’s Frank Gangi explained to Charged. “To install its level 2 PS1500 station you had to pour a concrete bollard that went up about 28 inches out of the ground. They brought the conduit up through the concrete and had bolts sticking up to mount the EVSE on with brackets. Since PEP went out of business, some people have broken chargers they can’t fix.”

“One of our customers in California came to us and asked if we could give them a solution to mount WattZillas on the existing concrete bollards, because they don’t want to rip them out,” says Gangi. “We designed a kit that you can drop on and mount a WatZilla. We did all the engineering to make it work and it looks really nice – all polished stainless steel. Just pop it on and away you go.”


Source: WattZilla

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