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SolidEnergy hopes to double EV battery range by 2017

SolidEnergy, an MIT spin-out company commercializing solid electrolyte technology, plans to release a 20 Ah EV battery in 2017, which it says will offer more than two times the range of current Li-ion batteries. The core of SolidEnergy’s technology is a Solid Polymer Ionic Liquid (SPIL) electrolyte, which enables the use of an ultra-thin lithium… Read more »

A123 and SolidEnergy work together on safer, 800 Wh/kg battery chemistry

A123 Venture Technologies, the R&D subsidiary of the mercurial manufacturer of EV batteries, has announced a strategic partnership with MIT startup SolidEnergy. SolidEnergy’s solid electrolyte technology enables the use of lithium metal anodes for high energy density batteries. The new partnership combines SolidEnergy’s Solid Polymer Ionic Liquid (SPIL) electrolyte with the cell design and prototyping… Read more »