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Porsche 918 Spyder sets Nürburgring record

What’s the most fuel-efficient model in Porsche’s lineup? Now, what’s the company’s fastest street-legal model? Many will be surprised to learn that both these superlatives belong to the same car: the 918 Spyder, which was on display at last week’s LA Auto Show. As McLaren (with the P1) and Ferrari (with the LaFerrari) have also… Read more »

VIDEO: Spyders attack as Porsche and BMW show off prototype plug-in roadsters

Fans of electrical high performance will salivate over this new video from Motor Trend’s Wide Open Throttle, which gives us sneak peeks at two screamingly speedy prototype PHEVs from Porsche and BMW.     Apparently, Motor Trend believes their audience is behind the times, for narrator Paul Horrell feels compelled to tell us that Porsche’s 918 Spyder is… Read more »