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Chinese companies to increase production of OCSiAl’s graphene nanotube dispersion

Graphene nanotube company OCSiAl has announced that two Chinese manufacturers of its graphene nanotube dispersion plan to raise production capacities for the dispersions. The graphene nanotube dispersion is designed for lithium-ion cells. Chinese chemical manufacturers Shenyang East Chemical (East Chem) and Shanghai Haiyi Scientific Trading (Haiyi) started producing OCSiAl’s graphene nanotubes in 2019. According to… Read more »

OCSiAl to build nanotube facility and R&D center in Luxembourg

Graphene nanotube manufacturer OCSiAl has received approval from Luxembourg authorities for a graphene nanotube synthesis facility to begin production in 2025, as well as an R&D center in Differdange, Luxembourg. The company’s graphene nanotubes are used by lithium-ion battery manufacturers. The company plans to invest $300 million in the production facility, which it says will… Read more »

Two Chinese firms launch production of single-wall carbon nanotube battery additive

Chinese chemical manufacturers Haiyi and East Chem are launching local production of OCSiAl’s TUBALL BATT, a single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) additive for silicon anodes for EVs. SWCNTs are designed to improve battery performance and cycle life when added into the silicon anode. Haiyi and East Chem aim for a combined annual production volume of 7,000… Read more »

OCSiAl customers discuss battery applications of single-wall carbon nanotubes

Luxembourg-based OCSiAl recently hosted a two-day Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit at which some 400 industry executives and researchers from 30 countries shared their experiences of working with single-wall carbon nanotubes. OCSiAl’s TUBALL nanotubes are designed to provide manufacturers with high conductivity and increased energy density as a result of a higher percentage of active material…. Read more »