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OCSiAl offers new high-graphene nanotube dispersions for Li-ion batteries

OCSiAl, a graphene nanotube producer, has launched two highly concentrated nanotube dispersions for Li-ion battery anodes and cathodes.

The company claims that the new products, 1% TUBALL BATT NMP for cathodes and 0.8% TUBALL BATT H2O for anodes, are cheaper, more sustainable and better for batteries than typical options like multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) or carbon black, which require at least 10 times greater concentration in the electrode than single-wall CNTs (graphene nanotubes). The new dispersions contain 2-2.5 times more graphene nanotubes than conventional products and use less material in dispersion fabrication, transportation, storage and battery making.

“These graphene nanotube concentrations are higher than all serially produced single-wall CNT-based dispersions. To introduce the same number of nanotubes into the electrode, less solvent is now used, and thus battery manufacturers can achieve a higher solid content in the slurry,” explains Andrej Seniut, Head of OCSiAl Energy Projects. “Besides that, a highly concentrated form of dispersions is undoubtedly more cost-effective—it allows for a significant cost-of-properties reduction compared to the existing products.” 

Source: OCSiAl

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