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OCSiAl customers discuss battery applications of single-wall carbon nanotubes

Luxembourg-based OCSiAl recently hosted a two-day Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit at which some 400 industry executives and researchers from 30 countries shared their experiences of working with single-wall carbon nanotubes.

OCSiAl’s TUBALL nanotubes are designed to provide manufacturers with high conductivity and increased energy density as a result of a higher percentage of active material. The company claims to be the only manufacturer currently able to produce this universal additive on an industrial scale.

The Chinese company Shenzhen BAK Power Battery has been testing OCSiAl’s TUBALL graphene nanotubes since 2016. “Single-wall carbon nanotubes have great applications in lithium-ion batteries,” Vice President Jian Lin told the NanoSummit participants. “We can use single-wall carbon nanotubes on both the cathode and the anode to achieve better performance compared with typical carbon black.”

Imerys Graphite & Carbon shared its results in combining different forms of carbon for better electrical conductivity and increased energy density. “Electrical resistivity achieved with 2% of carbon black can be compared with 0.1% of single-wall carbon nanotubes,” said Technology Cluster Director Michael Spahr. “Potential applications could be focused around energy storage and various consumer applications.”


Source: OCSiAl


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