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Two Chinese firms launch production of single-wall carbon nanotube battery additive

Chinese chemical manufacturers Haiyi and East Chem are launching local production of OCSiAl’s TUBALL BATT, a single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) additive for silicon anodes for EVs.

SWCNTs are designed to improve battery performance and cycle life when added into the silicon anode. Haiyi and East Chem aim for a combined annual production volume of 7,000 metric tons of the TUBALL BATT.

Zhijun Liu, General Manager of Haiyi, said, “With the guidance and support of the OCSiAl technical team over the past 3 years, we have now launched the production of TUBALL SWCNT dispersions in China. Local production allows Chinese battery manufacturers to greatly reduce the costs by using TUBALL BATT conductive additive. We have obtained certification from local battery manufacturers, and have now started to sell large batches. Haiyi will continue to expand its production capacity of SWCNT dispersions, and we welcome visits from colleagues from the industry to our production plant.”

Jian Lin, Vice President of R&D at BAK Power Battery, said, “SWCNTs are the best currently available solution on the market, with their excellent performance being far superior to that of other similar conductive additives. Due to their high aspect ratio and G/D ratio, dispersed SWCNTs are very effective in batteries. The addition of SWCNTs in anodes hugely reduces capacity loss with aging and improves cycle life.”

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Source: OCSiAI

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