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Magnet Applications’ online Tech Center and new calculator apps

Magnet Applications, a subsidiary of Bunting Magnetics based in Dubois, Pennsylvania, provides compression-bonded and injection-molded magnets and magnetic assemblies for automotive and other industrial applications. The company has expanded its online Tech Center, which offers a wealth of information about magnets, including articles and presentations on various attractive topics, as well as an in-depth magnetic… Read more »

Magnet Applications’ new B12 neodymium compression-bonded magnets

Magnet Applications has announced a major upgrade to its neodymium compression-bonded magnet product offerings. The new B12 magnet has a typical maximum energy product (BHmax) of approximately 12 MGOe, compared to the previous generation’s 10 MGOe. The BHmax of a bonded magnet is determined by the density and the volume fraction of the magnetic material… Read more »

Magnet Applications announces breakthrough in 3D-printed NdFeB magnets

Magnet Applications, a manufacturer of specialty magnets, has announced a breakthrough in 3D-printed neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets. NdFeB magnets are the most powerful known, and are used in applications from robotics to wind turbines to EVs. Magnet Applications engineers, working with researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, have shown that permanent magnets produced by… Read more »