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Lower real EV inverter cost without compromising safety, quality, or test coverage

In the evolving world of eMobility one thing remains constant – the inverter is the heart and soul of electric vehicles. When it comes to testing inverters, the trend has been to pull tests further up the development cycle, using virtualization to simulate components at lower costs and test scenarios faster than in-vehicle field testing…. Read more »

Thermal runaway challenges in next-generation battery pack designs

The battery packs found in today’s EVs represent a significant advancement over those designs considered state of the art just a few years ago. As automotive OEMs drive to increasingly advance pack designs they are being asked to balance the desire for increased range and improved recharge time with growing government regulations focused on safety… Read more »

3M sells NMC cathode patents to Umicore, will focus on Si anodes

3M has agreed to transfer all of its intellectual property related to Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC) cathodes, including global patents and license agreements, to technology and recycling firm Umicore. The divestment will allow 3M to increase its focus on next-generation silicon anode materials, electrolyte additives and advanced thermal management solutions for EVs. “The agreement enables 3M to… Read more »

3M introduces new magnet bonding adhesive system for electric motors

The race is on to develop more efficient electric motors. One way to improve efficiency is to improve the method of bonding permanent magnets to rotors and stators. 3M has announced a new magnet bonding adhesive system that’s designed to virtually replace messy liquid adhesives, to simplify magnet positioning and to achieve high bond strength… Read more »


3M licenses NMC patents to LG Chem

3M and LG Chem have formed a patent license agreement to allow the Korean battery-maker to use 3M’s formulation of nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries. NMC, valued for its balance of power, energy, thermal stability and low cost, has been the subject of some rivalry and at least one lawsuit…. Read more »

Battery giants square off for court battle over lithium-ion patents

Two of the world’s biggest industrial companies are preparing for a high-stakes court battle over an arcane battery chemistry, and the outcome could have important implications for next-gen EVs, according to Quartz. Chemical colossus BASF and the Argonne National Laboratory have filed a lawsuit against Belgian battery-maker Umicore, accusing it of selling a battery component to… Read more »

DOE-supported research projects seek to commercialize silicon-based anodes

The DOE is supporting six applied battery research projects, with the objective of developing cells that provide energy density of more than 200 Wh/kg, along with long cycle life and excellent abuse tolerance. All six projects are using some form of silicon-based material for the anode. A team led by the Argonne National Laboratory is… Read more »

3M licenses NMC cathode technology to Chinese firm Reshine

3M has agreed to license several of its patents for nickel, manganese and cobalt (NMC) cathode technology to China-based Hunan Reshine New Material Company.  3M’s NMC cathode technology uses proprietary layered mixed metal oxide formulations of nickel, manganese and cobalt. By changing the composition and morphology, the balance of power, energy, and safety characteristics can… Read more »