Urban Green Energy and GE Install Integrated Wind-Powered EV charging Station in Barcelona

The integrated system incorporates the energy production capacity of UGE’s 4kW wind turbine and the GE Durastation in a single unit.



The cleverly-named Sanya Skypump shows off the synergistic relationship between EVs and renewable energy for all to see. The brainchild of New York-based Urban Green Energy (UGE) and GE, this wind-powered EV charging station combines UGE’s vertical wind turbine with a GE DuraStation EV charger. The integrated system incorporates both the energy production capacity of UGE’s 4kW wind turbine and the EV charging capability of the GE Durastation in a single unit.

The first Skypump was installed this week at the headquarters of environmental services firm Cespa, near Barcelona. More are scheduled to go into service later this year in the US and Australia at shopping malls, universities and other locations.

“Since launching the Sanya Skypump, we have received inquiries from companies around the world that are looking to embrace sustainability,” said Nick Blitterswyk, CEO of UGE. “The Sanya Skypump is one of those rare products that enable institutions to demonstrate their commitment to the environment while providing a really useful service as well.”

GE’s Charles Elazar says, “GE is launching a family of electric vehicle charging systems in Europe offering domestic and commercial users a range of easy-to-use, flexible systems to help make electric vehicles a practical, everyday reality."

Urban Green Energy has built renewable energy installations in 65 countries, including wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar systems. Applications range from suburban US homeowners to off-grid telecoms towers in rural Africa.


Image: Urban Green Energy


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