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GE Appliances deploys Einride electric trucks in US Southeast

GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, is deploying a fleet of electric freight vehicles on routes between the company’s warehouses and manufacturing facilities in Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee. The company says the move will increase efficiency and reliability, and lower the cost of moving manufacturing materials and components in a critical segment of its supply… Read more »


ChargePoint takes over management of GE’s charging network

Charging network operator ChargePoint has become the exclusive operator of GE’s EV charging network, adding some 1,800 commercial and 8,000 residential charging spots to its network. The agreement includes support for both residential and commercial DuraStations and WattStations. ChargePoint will maintain GE’s existing software and commercial charging network, and GE will continue to fulfill its… Read more »

EV Connect and GE Sign Joint Marketing and Product Agreement

Charging station software developer EV Connect has signed a joint marketing and product agreement with GE’s Industrial Solutions business. GE will be a preferred charging station supplier of EV Connect, and EV Connect will be a preferred management provider for GE charging stations. EV Connect gains a perpetual license to access the GE WattStation Connect… Read more »

Con Edison tests smart grid technology for fleet charging

Corporate fleets can save big by going electric, but those savings can only be optimized if a company can manage its charging intelligently and minimize demand charges, potentially hefty fees that are based on a customer’s highest power usage during a month. New York utility Con Edison, together with FedEx Express, General Electric and Columbia… Read more »

GE pilot intelligently schedules charging to reduce demand charges

General Electric, together with Con Edison and researchers at Columbia University, is working on a way to use Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software to help operators of public EV chargers avoid expensive demand charges from utilities. The GE team has developed an EV charging station that uses software to estimate how much electricity will… Read more »

GE and Berkeley researchers hint at new water-based battery

It sounds like an intriguing idea: a new type of battery that uses water-based solutions of inorganic chemicals that can supply high energy density by ferrying more than one electron at a time. Scientists at GE Global Research and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are working on such a system, which they call the a “flow”… Read more »

MetLife installs workplace chargers at 14 US campuses

Good grief! Insurance giant MetLife (NYSE: MET) has installed 32 Level 2 charging stations for employee use at 14 of its facilities across 10 states. According to the company, this is the largest number of stations of any non-EV industry company currently participating in the DOE’s Workplace Charging Challenge. “MetLife has a broad and deep… Read more »


GE buys 2,000 Ford PHEVs, companies to work together on electrification

General Electric (GE) plans to purchase 2,000 Ford C-MAX Energi PHEVs for its corporate fleet – Ford’s largest fleet sale of a plug-in model to date. The addition of the Fords means that GE now owns over 5,000 “alternative fuel” vehicles – its goal is to convert half its fleet. GE VP Mark Vachon says,… Read more »

GE scientists build a greatly improved traction motor for EVs

Engineers at GE Global Research recently tested a prototype Interior Permanent Magnet traction motor that is more powerful, more efficient and less costly than the best motors on the market today. The new motor can also run at a higher temperature, eliminating the need for a dedicated cooling loop.  GE’s prototype operates at a peak… Read more »