UPS: New Workhorse electric truck will be the first to rival cost of ICE vehicles

UPS plans to collaborate with Workhorse to develop an electric delivery truck that will be comparable in acquisition cost to legacy ICE trucks without any subsidies, an industry first.

Each Class 5 truck will have a range of approximately 100 miles, quite sufficient for delivery routes in and around cities.

UPS will test 50 of the vehicles in several cities across the country, including Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles. Following real-world test deployments, UPS and Workhorse will fine-tune the design and begin rolling out a larger fleet in 2019. UPS has approximately 35,000 diesel or gas trucks in its fleet that are comparable in size and duty cycle to the new EVs.

UPS expects the operating cost of its new e-truck to be less than that of a similarly equipped legacy vehicle. The new trucks will join over 9,000 alternative fuel vehicles already in the UPS fleet. The company has set a goal that one in four new vehicles purchased by 2020 will be “an alternative fuel or advanced technology vehicle.”

“Electric vehicle technology is rapidly improving with battery, charging and smart grid advances that allow us to specify our delivery vehicles to eliminate emissions, noise and dependence on diesel and gasoline,” said Carlton Rose, President, Global Fleet Maintenance and Engineering for UPS. “With our scale and real-world duty cycles, these new electric trucks will be a quantum leap forward for the purpose-built UPS delivery fleet.”

“This innovation is the result of Workhorse working closely with UPS over the last 4 years refining our electric vehicles with hard-fought lessons from millions of road miles and thousands of packages delivered,” said Steve Burns, CEO of Workhorse Group. “Our goal is to make it easy for UPS and others to go electric by removing prior roadblocks to large scale acceptance such as cost.”


Source: UPS

  • EVman88

    They will have to show real numbers and real road conditions. UPS shouldn’t be a part of fake data and results of these real road testing. This would cause monetary damage to part of the industry and/or compititon.
    The vehicles will see anywhere from 1.2 miles per KWH up to 2.2 miles per KWH depending on terrain and driving pattern. The industry will be watching to see if UPS is part of the fake results that are being said and published in todays industry.
    It takes a certain number of Kilowatts/horsepower to propel a vehicle from stop and go and normal highway speeds.
    Workhourse/UPS could also endanger highway drivers by driving too slow due to the lack of power in their drivetrain especially with highway speed inclines. Workhorse is using a dangerous drivetrain design for REALroad conditions.

    • Dennis Worley

      Can you explain more….why dangerous?

    • Brian

      Just the facts.

      • EVman88

        UPS will have to show that they are actually getting 2 miles per KWH just as their representatives are stating. I had meeting with the top 3 UPS “engineers” and they actually claimed they were getting 2 miles per KWH which no one has achieved this to date. They are so blind it is shocking and or either that there is some serious payola going on through Workhorse and the stocks of Workhorse.

    • Kerry Carter

      This is not some golf cart. I’ve been driving electric for over 3 years and has been completely capable for my needs. Do you? Have you? It don’t sound like it. Sounds more like someone on Koch industries payroll. Need to change ElectricVillian88 sounds like to me

      • EVman88

        UPS wont be able to show real numbers and it is a scam. They will have to challenge another system that is coming out very soon and it will be posted all over YouTube. Removing these post wont change the facts and we will only expose the insiders and the payola of the industry.

    • GearsOfWoe

      LOL! Clearly you have never driven an EV. On steep hills I silently blow past pickups, their engines red-lined and roaring in low gear. Even modest EVs, like my Nissan LEAF, have enough torque and horsepower to push me back into my seat.

      • EVman88

        Please stop being an ignorant. EV cars use 210KW and can go up hills. EV Trucks and buses built by the idiots of today use the exact same 210KW of power. That is exactly like saying your Nissan gas motor will push a 40 foot school bus up a hill. Do the math and actually drive a EV bus and or truck and then you will see there is a major problem in the EV truck/bus industry.
        Why did Teslas Class 8 use 4 motors??? but Proterra and BYD use only one 210KW or one 300KW motor??? ohhh they have more torque …LOL!!! A KW is a KW and you should do the math. Tesla is on the right track but still couldn’t go up the hills. Monfort and Rossney EV bus and truck videos on Youtube show proof of these actual facts with their working older technology from 2 years ago using 40 foot school buses.

  • DeltaTangoMango YellowDog

    This is great news and EV enthusiasts would be happy to see those nasty delivery trucks begin using the electric grid as their source of delivery power!