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Durakool announces HVDC switching contactors

Durakool, a UK-based provider of switching solutions, has introduced a new series of ceramic high-voltage direct current (HVDC) switching contactors to provide battery isolation in EVs.

Durakool’s CHV line of ceramic contactors can switch high-voltage DC up to 1,500 VDC for EV, battery storage and solar panel applications, and can also be integrated into agricultural equipment. The contactors’ non-polarized power terminals can break current in either direction. A sealed ceramic arc chamber isolates better than epoxy-sealed DC contactors, enabling greater DC voltage switching, according to the company. 

The standard twin-coil economizers minimize coil operating currents and heat, requiring less battery power to keep the contactors in the active state, which can improve reliability and EV driving range. The mechanically connected auxiliary contact mirrors the main power contacts and can be used in a safety monitoring circuit to show the power contact’s status and allow appropriate action in the case of a breakdown.

“The CHV contactors’ non-polarized terminals make it possible for EVs to provide stand-by power back to the charger. They also enable the contactor in an EV to break high DC currents whilst using regenerative braking, resulting in longer service life and higher ‘in-application’ reliability,” said Ricardo Esquinazi, Brand Manager for Durakool. “Our HVDC contactors protect vehicles, their occupants and emergency service personnel by providing isolation of the high-voltage battery from the electronic drive system upon vehicle impact and when vehicles are not in use.”

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Source: Durakool

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