Tesla says its new Terafactory will be producing Model Y by the end of this year

Tesla gigafactory NV

Tesla may have decided on the site of its anticipated Cybertruck plant, and it intends to waste no time. Electrek, citing “a reliable source familiar with the matter,” reports that the next Tesla Gigafactory (excuse me, make that “Terafactory”) will be built in the vicinity of Austin, Texas. (The AP is reporting that the list has been narrowed to Austin or Tulsa, Oklahoma.)

Electrek’s source says the Gigafactory Nevada engineering team has been told to start the process of planning the new plant, which will produce both Model Y and the new Cybertruck.

The choice of location is no big surprise, as Tesla has already said that its next Gig would be located somewhere in the middle of the country—the announcement doesn’t seem to be related to Mr. Musk’s recent threat to move operations out of California.

The shocker is the proposed timeline. Tesla wants the Texas (or Tulsa) Terafactory to be producing Model Ys by the end of this year—an ambitious goal even by Tesla’s standards (and one that would have been considered laughable in the auto industry of only a few years ago). Gigafactory Shanghai began production within a year after breaking ground, so the new goal sounds impressive, but not impossible.

In the first phase, the new plant will have only a general assembly line, which will presumably assemble components shipped from Fremont or elsewhere, Electrek’s source indicates. The Terafactory will start cranking out Cybertrucks late next year.

Source: Electrek, AP

  • nordlyst

    Sigh, the hype never ends.

    How complete is the giga in Nevada? 20%? 30%? I’m pretty sure it’s not half the size it’s supposed to eventually be.

    But of course, a new thing 30x as big as the gigafactory scale will be finished in less than a year, and you find it, even if only just, to be credible.

    Elon’s MO is to introduce new hype so often that we forget about the old. And it gets constant press. Is this why the company that has never made any real profits, and sells as many cars globally in a year as Ford does pickup trucks in the US in a week, is valued by the stock market about the same as the Volkswagen group? That group is VW, Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Skoda, Seat and probably a few I forgot…

    Love my Model 3. But I don’t like the dishonest way Tesla operates. Elon is a fraud.

    • bytrain

      Nice bit of hyperbole. Tesla sold 367,000 vehicles last year. Ford sold 900,000 F-series trucks or about17,000 per week. Also, as goes California, so will go the U.S. in time. And in California, only the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry sold better than the Model 3: https://www.cncda.org/wp-content/uploads/Cal-Covering-4Q-19.pdf

  • Vincent Wolf

    Colorado has the better educated and better conditioned work force. And more importantly no mile wide F5 tornadoes that would destroy an entire terra factory in under a minute.

  • morrisg

    Model Y production by the end of the year in Texas? Ha ha ha ha ha! Obviously Musk has confused Texas with China. Watch Giga Shanghai put Texas to shame with volume production of Model Y by the end of the year. Go look at the Giga Shanghai Phase 2 You Tube videos to see the building going up.