Singapore electric tram charges in 20 seconds

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Bolloré subsidiary BlueSG have launched a 22-seat electric shuttle that will be able to recharge in 20 seconds at stations while passengers board.

The NTU-Blue Solutions Flash Shuttle is based on Bolloré’s Bluetram vehicle. Equipped with supercapacitors and an LMP battery developed by Blue Solutions, it has a range of two km, with backup power that provides for an additional 30 km. NTU says the cost of operating Bluetram is five to ten times lower than that of traditional trams, as it does not require infrastructure such as rails or catenaries, and a line can be deployed in a matter of weeks.

The vehicle will undergo road trials in Singapore for a period of two years, during which scientists from NTU and BlueSG will study its on-road performance and passenger behavior.

“The move to introduce electromobility and cutting-edge transportation technologies is part of our vision to transform NTU into a Smart Campus,” said NTU President Professor Subra Suresh. “As a leading global university with deep expertise in sustainable technologies, NTU is already a living testbed for various energy-efficient technologies, and the perfect partner for BlueSG to test and develop electric shuttles for Singapore.”


Source: NTU Singapore via Green Car Congress

  • dogphlap dogphlap

    Great idea. SuperCapcitors don’t store much energy per kg or per m^3 or per $ of initial cost but they would be good here if the stops are 2km or less apart. I’ve heard that SuperCapacitors don’t deteriorate over time, certainly not the way that even the best batteries do. A two year trial should be ideal to hopefully show that this vehicle is going to work or at least why it does not work if the promise is not fulfilled.

  • freedomev

    This only shows how pitiful and inefficient their batteries are. They discharge so fast thy have to stay plugged in.
    That it needs a SC shows again how pitiful it is.
    SC suck big time at 30x the weight, cost, space and with lithium cells that do 25C+ , just not needed.
    Anyone that believes SC are a cure for anything knows little about them.
    Fact is a lithium peak pack is what is needed like the Volt LG cells that do 16C I own that can full charge in 3 minutes if a charger large enough was available, easily viable for bus stop charging.
    And they are 98% efficient, unlike theirs at 65%? IIRC

    • mipak

      SC and LiON battery (or other technologies such as MgO battery) hybrids are the wave of the future. Get used to it. One such SC technology using plastics stores 1,000 times the energy density of LiON.

      • freedomev

        Care to cost, weigh, space required out 1kwh SC with an actual product like leading Maxwell??
        Bet you won’t. as if you try you’ll see how stupid your post is, you won’t admit it. ;^)
        My LG cells at 60amphrs put out, charge at 1k amps says lithium don’t need no stinken SCs.
        Notice Tesla doesn’t use SC yet even a lot of Supercars can’t beat it.