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SemiQ launches SiC 1,200 V, 80 milliohm MOSFET modules in SOT-227 packages

Semiconductor supplier SemiQ has launched a new generation of its MOSFET modules, which are designed for EVs, power supplies and data centers.

The second-generation SiC 1,200 V, 80 milliohm MOSFET module is housed in the SOT-227 package, and is available in a 10 A parallel diode version as well as without a parallel diode.

The company says, in comparison to silicon IGBTs, “SemiQ’s MOSFETs switch faster with lower losses, enabling system-level benefits through reduced size, weight and cooling requirements.” The modules are in stock now and available through Digi-Key, Mouser and Richardson Electronics.

The company says it is also planning to offer 40 and 20 milliohm versions of the new module.

“The SOT-227 package is one of the best fully isolated power semiconductor packages around. Combined with our SiC MOSFETs and SiC Diodes, these products are perfect for increasing efficiency in your fast charging and inverter systems,” said SemiQ President and General Manager Michael Robinson.

Source: SemiQ


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