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Porous Power’s ceramic battery separator aims to enhance performance of Li-ion batteries

Porous Power Technologies has announced the launch of Symmetrix NC2020, a ceramic battery separator designed to improve thermal stability and safety of large-format lithium-ion batteries.

“Symmetrix NC2020 is non-flammable and more resistant to shrinkage than conventional separators,” according to the company. “This makes cells more stable when damaged or abused and can prevent or delay thermal runaway events.”

“Use of ceramics in separators is not new,” explains John Shelburne, PPT’s Director of Research and Development. “However, most manufacturers apply a ceramic coating on conventional polyolefin separators. A coating can impede ion flow through the separator, reducing battery cycle life and performance.” Furthermore, it can crack or flake off, potentially contaminating the cell.

In contrast, Symmetrix NC2020’s ceramic particles are blended with PVDF polymer to form a flexible, ceramic-rich microporous membrane. Ions flow freely though the open pore structure, enabling cells with good power over broad temperature ranges. The sponge-like membrane is designed to conform to the electrode surface to prevent dead spots and ensure reliable performance, even as electrodes expand and contract over many cycles.

PPT’s announcement lists a host of benefits for Symmetrix NC2020 lithium-ion battery separators, including superior thermal and chemical stability; low internal resistance; fast and thorough electrolyte wicking and the ability to laminate securely to electrodes, which simplifies manufacturing and boosts production yields.


Source: Porous Power 

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