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NIO’s new standard-range battery uses both ternary lithium and LFP cells

NIO has launched a new battery type. New NIO EVs will now be available with a choice of the 100 kWh long-range ternary lithium battery pack or the new 75 kWh standard-range hybrid-cell battery. Models equipped with the new pack will be delivered to customers starting in November.

The 75 kWh standard-range battery features a combination of ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells, and employs a cell-to-pack system, which forgoes the use of battery modules.

NIO says the new battery offers longer range in cold weather. A new thermal management software and hardware system reduces the range loss in low temperature by 25% compared to the LFP-based pack.

A “comprehensive environment shielder” applies low-thermal-conductivity materials and innovative structural design in order to effectively improve passive thermal insulation performance. An intelligent thermal system dynamically adjusts thermal control targets in combination with battery heat to balance the drive experience and energy consumption. A radiant thermal compensation heater uniformly heats the battery cells to maintain the working temperature of the battery while taking energy consumption into account.

The hybrid layout of ternary lithium cells and LFP cells makes full use of the low-temperature performance advantage of ternary lithium cells to improve the overall battery performance in low temperature, and the dual-chemistry control algorithm precisely controls the performance of ternary lithium and LFP cells in cold temperatures to improve the energy efficiency of the whole battery system.

NIO says the new standard-range battery’s cell-to-pack technology simplifies manufacturing and assembly by 10%, increases volume utilization by 5%, and increases specific energy by 14%, to 142 Wh/kg.  

Source: NIO


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