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LG Chem launches carbon nanotube plant in Korea

LG Chem has launched what it says is the largest carbon nanotube (CNT) plant in Korea. The company is targeting the growing market for CNT, often used as a cathode material for EV batteries. CNT has the same level of electrical and thermal conductivity as copper and diamond, and 100 times the strength of steel. 

The 1,200-ton expansion of Yeosu CNT Plant 2 was completed in April, and has begun commercial operations. Combined with the existing 500 tons, LG Chem has obtained a total capacity of 1,700 tons. LG says the plant has achieved stable quality control and process innovation through complete automation that has reduced power consumption by 30%. 

The CNT produced at this plant will be supplied to battery companies as a conductive additive, a material that increases the conductivity of lithium ions inside cathodes consisting of active substances such as nickel, cobalt and manganese to enhance charging and discharging efficiency.

LG Chem plans to launch a third plant this year.

Source: LG Chem


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